Natural Edge Turning


This is what you start with, can you imagine what will turn out? Some people can, I call these people creative wood turners. It takes guts, skill and a bit of crazy!!!

This is a piece of my poor old plum tree. I had a talk to this plum tree before I cut it down. I mentioned the fact that if it couldn’t produce plums in a more timely fashion and of good quality I would have to see what else I could do with a plum tree other than enjoy it’s shade. After several more years of no plums, I decided to make more room in my back yard and get rid of the leaves I had to rake every fall. But all this time it was listening and inside it’s trunk it was is such a state that the pressure I was putting it under produced huge amounts of stress. This poor tree was so twisted up inside that it was very difficult  to do anything with it’s wood. I ended up having to cut the log into all kinds of funny pieces to keep it from checking, twisting, splitting and you name it that I must confess, It won. See the anger in this piece.


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