Some Tools I'm Working On

If I see a nice tool that I think will do a great job,  I have a closer look to see if it's something that I  can make.

I saw this sanding tool and it looked like something I could make, so I picked up the pieces and had a go at it. I needed some 1" Aluminum  round stock and 1/2" steal shaft for the handle shaft as well as 2 (R4) bearings. I use what I call hobby craft bearings, The measurements on them are  3/4" OD and 1/4" ID so no machining is required. Also needed some 1/4" Aluminum plate.

I had to do some light machining on the part that holds the bearings to get it the right shape to do the job.  Working with aluminum is so sweet. 

As Canadians, we all know that for the past 20+ years, we have been a Metric Country, Right?

Guess where I had to go to purchase these 5MM cap screws?


Here is a pair of tools I made up for doing the inside of items like Egg Cups and small hollow forms. The cutters are made of this new Micro Grain Carbide. These cutters are manufactured by Hunter Tools. I picked them up during a trip to Las Vegas.


Made the shafts and handles and attached the cutters at some very strange looking angles to make my job of hollowing as easy as possible. Man they work really well. They cut end grain Elm like cheese. No evidence of any torn grain.

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