Tool Holder Lazy Susan


Are you running out of space to put your lathe tools?  I was and I was really getting tired of picking them up off the floor when they rolled off what ever I had put them on.

This unit is a double decker lazy susan. Each tray will hold 40 tools. As you load this baby up, you will start to remember where they are and what order they are in. This really helps get the right tool the first time. I have two lathes running so I put this unit between the two  and it's very handy. The unit is 42" tall, the center shaft is 1 1/4" dowel with a 18" base.


The top tray will spin easily and if you space the trays right, the top tools don't hit the handles below.

To accommodate all the various sized tool handle ferrule  you need to bore different sized holes. My top tray has 3 rows of holes. This keeps things in their proper location.

This type of base is very stable and takes up less than 4Sq. Ft. of floor space.

Full construction details are available, just drop me an e-mail to:  or download the instructions by clicking on the page below. This article will be published in the May 2013 addition of the  "More woodturning" magazine

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